How to use ACME with Sectigo


Our certificate provider is Sectigo and they offer ACME to issue certificates. With certbot I was able to issue certs.

How to configure Traefik to use Sectigo's ACME url instead of the LetsEncrypt url?

My current CLI config, but with this it's still using LetsEncrypt:

  --certificatesresolvers.sectigo \
  --certificatesresolvers.sectigo.acme.caserver="" \"" \
  --certificatesresolvers.sectigo.acme.httpchallenge=true \
  --certificatesresolvers.sectigo.acme.httpchallenge.entrypoint=http \

Also, how can I configure the eab-kid and eab-hmac-key parameters?

sudo certbot certonly --apache --non-interactive --agree-tos \
--email \
--server \
--eab-kid EAB_KID \
--eab-hmac-key EAB_HMAC_KEY \

Look at:

You need to put it in static configuration of traefik.

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