How to prevent conflicts in middlewares declaration?

Hi there,

is there a way to prevent conflicts in declaration (accidentally or with intent) when using traefik in junction with Docker (compose) #labels? Especially with middlewares you want share between stacks and have to be known.

The documentation for this is

If you declare multiple middleware with the same name but with different parameters, the middleware fails to be declared.

traefik_1  | time="2020-01-14T13:15:05+01:00" level=error msg="Middleware defined multiple times with different configurations in [app-app-843673d3296d4d76d78ab8450ed4bc64e41a0d0dd83f08b6be2a7f4676ea63fe whoami-whoami-3f79ff5813eb4c3aa8522f789f35cdf33253a466a7b1e214f71b86e314df015c]" providerName=docker middlewareName=redirect-to-https

Thanks, Jan.