Traefik Docker label scope

I finally got a configuration of Traefik that works with V2. However, I noticed when I added another service in another stack copying the stack but just changing the name of the stack and just the Host rule when I do docker stack deploy Traefik stops working correctly in that it is finding duplicates in the defintions.

My concern is that I expected the definitions to be within the scope of the stack especially since multiple stacks can be deployed and the only part that people used to care about before was the traefik.frontend.rule in V1.

In this case I also had to watch out for the names of the routers and services between stacks.

Did anyone else see that behavior or maybe I'm just doing something off.

I'm running into the exact same problem. See my question here:

I could be completely misunderstanding this, but just in case I'm not:
I tried running multiple versions of whoami which broke everything until I realised I needed different names fro each router. E.g.

I hope this helps (someone).

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Hi @mindgonemad, is there a place in the documentation where you would see this information to be written?

Maybe a quick mention of it in the User Guides and the Getting Started. You would only need a brief line or so.