How to open traefik web ui without node port


on ubuntu 18.04 with microk8s as a single node k8s cluster for testing.

traefik installed like this

helm install --name traefik stable/traefik --set dashboard.enabled=true,,externalIP=

I've to open traefik web ui with url,

these 3 url will not work.

how to config so I can open without a NodePort ?

Thanks !


When using baremetal (non cloud provider) installations, you either have to:

  1. Use an ingress on your overlay network (using SDN extensions)
  2. Use a tool like MetalLB to handle your nodeports
  3. Use nodeports.

The reason that does not work, is that the dashboard ingress does not use your IP as a host.

thanks for your explanation.

i don't understand the first one, could you elaborate pls ?

i'm struggling on setup metallb with microk8s.

If you are using an overlay network such as Flannel/Weave/Calico, you can have other network ingress points (outside of the kubernetes cluster).

However these are advanced networking configurations, and are not practical for small clusters.

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