How to create IngressRouteTCP in a Helm chart


I have a Traefik installation via Helm chart in a Kubernetes cluster and I have created a TCP router through a IngressRouteTCP to route the TCP traffic to my TCP service.


kind: IngressRouteTCP
  name: irtcp
  namespace: apps

    - app
    - match: HostSNI(`*`)
        - name: app-svc
          port: 50000

I have created that router manually applying the IngressRouteTCP but now I need to know how I can create that IngressRouteTCP automatically through the Helm chart installation and I don't know what I need to add to the values.yaml or whatever.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @technoob

Thanks for using Traefik!

The main purpose of a Helm chart is to deploy applications on a cluster. Since you are using the official Traefik Helm Chart, the purpose of the Helm is to deploy preconfigured Traefik Proxy which should be ready to use.

An IngressRouteTCP resource is a custom resource that is specific to your use case. The Helm Chart won't deploy it automatically. In that case, I would recommend applying manually once the Traefik is deployed or using any other approaches, such as GitOps, and e.g. use Flux for that.

We have a recording available to present how to manage Traefik resources through GitOps based On Flux.

here it is:

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