Create IngressRouteTCP equivalent using ingress provider

Hi there,
I have a use case where I want to expose a kafka cluster deployed with a helm chart with Traefik.
To do so, I've successfully created an IngressRouteTCP using the kubernetes IngressRoute provider.
My setup is working fine, but the thing is all my company relies on the Kubernetes Ingress Controller and I would like to avoid adding custom resources as much as possible.

So I'm wondering if it's possible to achieve the same configuration with the ingress / services annotations some how. Right now I did not find any annotations that suggest to create a tcp router, but maybe I'm missing something.

At the end, the question is: Can I create a TCP router using kubernetes service annotations ? If yes, could you please provide any example on how to achieve that ?

Thanks in advance

would you mind to show how you implemented the IngressRouteTCP, Traefik endpoints and your Service?