How to configure forwardedHeaders settings in Nomad?

(Sorry for the incorrect tag but the tag was mandatory and there wasn't any appropriate ones).

I'm running Traefik in Nomad successfully, but our setup is a little complicated:

  ->  traefik
    -> front-end website (Caddy which reverse proxies to...)
      -> traefik
        -> backend website

Each of the above steps are inside podman containers running in Nomad.

When people hit Caddy should reverse proxy to .

This works in an alternative Docker Compose setup where it's just browser -> front-end (Caddy) -> back-end.

However, in the Nomad-with-Traefik-ingress setup above I'm observing in the backend website that X-Forwarded-Host is incorrectly set to It should be because that's the original host the browser requested.

I think Traefik is doing this overwriting. It looks like forwardedHeaders should fix this by adding the upstream server as a trusted IP.

In Nomad I tried:


But that gave an error:

Failed to decode configuration: field not found, node: forwardedHeaders

I tried something different by reviewing the CLI docs:


That didn't give an error, but it also didn't appear to do anything.

Is this something that can be configured?