X-Forwarded-For only works for a while


I'm using traefik in Kubernetes, with the CRD providers...

I've set up the following options on traefik deployment:

        - --entryPoints.http.forwardedHeaders.insecure=true 
        - --entryPoints.https.forwardedHeaders.insecure=true
        - --entryPoints.http.proxyProtocol.insecure=true 
        - --entryPoints.https.proxyProtocol.insecure=true

After I apply that config, I get the REAL client IP address in X-Forwarded-For and X-Real-Ip...

but after a minute or two, that values go back to be the internal lb IPs...

I've tried putting this instead, but no luck.

 - --entryPoints.http.proxyProtocol.trustedIPs=,
 - --entryPoints.https.proxyProtocol.trustedIPs=,

Curious thing is that every time I make a change either in the forwardedHeaders value or the proxyProtocol , the REAL client IP appears for a minute.... then it goes back...

What could be the issue? How can I provide more information to debug it?