How to change the account URI on acme.json?

I would like to use a specific account-id on letsencrypt since its whitelisted for ECDSA issuance and i want to try it on traefik. I tried to delete the privatekey, change its keytype, but it still is generating RSA. I did try creating a new one, and replacing the URI, which lands me on JWS verification errors. Is there a proper way I can accomplish this on traefik?

Can you please share what your configuration looks like?

@jakubhajek I have the same question.

I already have an account from certbot, where we have an account url like:

and a personal_key.json (convert to PEM using: GitHub - diafygi/acme-tiny: A tiny script to issue and renew TLS certs from Let's Encrypt)

My questions is: what certificate is put under PrivateKey? It doesn't accept the PEM key which was retrieved from certbot

  "myresolver": {
    "Account": {
      "Email": "",
      "Registration": {
        "body": {
          "status": "valid",
          "contact": [
        "uri": ""
      "PrivateKey": "MIIEvgIB....",
      "KeyType": "4092"
    "Certificates": null