How do I redirect Port 3000 to 80 (Getting started)

Can someone help me with this Stack Overflow?

TY in advance!

Hey @jrgleason

The ingress has not added Entrypoints annotations and the section backend has some typos; it should refer to the service port (3000).

Please refer to this working example:

I highly recommend also reviewing the official Traefik documentation of Kubernetes Ingress and available annotations.

I hope that helps, please let me know.

I reviewed the docs but I feel like it lacked an example of one port to another. I think at the end of the day it was just me being new to k3s. Thank you for providing the example though I will look through it and thank you very much for your help.

Also I know compared to my working one I noticed you add web

And I don't see a port in your path is that inferred given this config? Just read through stuff is a fine response too I was just not sure if you could give a quick answer.

How did you install Traefik?

If you use the official Helm Chart - Traefik will be installed and configured according to the default values.yaml - this is how Helm works.

The entry point is part of static configuration and can be defined in a file or via CLI command:

If you create entry point then you can add it to Kubernetes Ingress object by adding the custom annotation. Going further Ingress is connected with a service that exposes your application deployed on a cluster.

I also recommend you to join the upcoming workshop "Getting started with Traefik" where I will present how to install Traefik and deploy sample services using Kubernetes.

@jakubhajek it comes preinstalled with k3s so I was not expecting to have to learn it but I need it to get port 80 out of my raspberry pi cluster. Probably for the better to learn it though. Thanks for the invite I will try to make it.

@jakubhajek Oh just looked at the date, I will be flying to the Maldives that day, I will still try but you know airplane internet. If you record or do another one I am totally down.

Enjoy your trip. I am sure that there will be available recording from that session, so we can have a look at it later on.

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