How do I find which servers are connected to my container behind traefik?


I'm having a strange problem and not quite sure how to solve it.

I have influxdb2 and traefik both running as containers. Traefik is handling the influxdb traefik on port 443.

The problem is I deleted a server from a service provider - which I will not mention - created a new server with a different hostname with the deleted resources but I am still seeing metrics coming into influxdb container that is behind traefik from the supposedly deleted server. My guess is the server is not actually deleted, just deleted from my view. When I run netstat in the traefik container I see ESTABLISHED connections to all other servers sending metrics to influxdb2 but I do not see any rogue ip addresses.

How can an external server connect to a server behind traefik with no trace of a connection ESTABLISHED yet still the container behind traefik is receiving data? Any ideas on how to find the ip of the server?