How do I exclude some items from log

My stdout is filling up with messages on endpoints. I want debug mode but how do I just exclude v1.Endpoints. I am using command line options to start Traefik :

time=“2019-06-28T16:45:47Z” level=debug msg=“Received Kubernetes event kind *v1.Endpoints”

time=“2019-06-28T16:45:47Z” level=debug msg=“Skipping Kubernetes event kind *v1.Endpoints”

Hi @hanoisteve, this is not possible. You might want to forward the logs to a tool designated for this (either a file and grep/sef/awk it, or an ELK stash and filter out in Kibana) .
Do not hesitate to harness Kubernetes power by deploying an already pre-baked logs stack: it will be useful for your future applications.

Keep in mind that Traefik is aimed at doing 1 thing, but doing it well: it's a dynamic edge router, not a log system.