Kubernetes logs access

Hello team,

I'm having some troubles exposing logs with your traefik kubernetes deployment; Looking at the documentation I understand that I need to have:

  filePath = "/path/to/access.log"
  format = "json"

In the configmap however I'm not sure how to have a persistant volume, or even if that's the solution for this. Basically I have 5 pods:

$ kubectl get pods -n traefik
NAME                                          READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
traefik-ingress-controller-7d5c8b688d-2qzq6   1/1     Running   0          168m
traefik-ingress-controller-7d5c8b688d-6d2rd   1/1     Running   0          168m
traefik-ingress-controller-7d5c8b688d-7kj7t   1/1     Running   0          168m
traefik-ingress-controller-7d5c8b688d-8pdpr   1/1     Running   0          16h
traefik-ingress-controller-7d5c8b688d-fff7c   1/1     Running   0          168m

so as I understand those 5 pods need to log the requests in that specific /path/to/access.log location however how would I go having them all log the requests as well as managing a single file that I can manage; more like an access.log on nginx.

I guess the main question here is how to use the logs feature along with kubernetes properly?

Thanks again for making the 2.0 version of traefik, I'm looking forward seeing it released!