How come Dynatrace is a Traefik technology partner, but their oneAgent cant even instrument Traefik Proxy?

So under Dynatrace is listed as a "technology partner", all fine and dandy... however once you deploy their OneAgent on k8s for example you're in for a nasty surprise because the way the agent works it can't instrument the Traefik binary and probably never will as described here: Build non static binary with CGO · Issue #5240 · traefik/traefik · GitHub

Is there any hope this will work at some point? Are there other ways to get metrics from Traefik into Dynatrace?

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Hi there.
Adding my two cents. This was also a very big surprise for us as well : Traefik actually not supported by Dynatrace. Massive problem here. Any news regarding interactions with Dynatrace guys ?