How can I upgrade SSL certificate via helm chart?

3 months ago, I initially installed traefik using helm by doing the following in a Kubernetes cluster:

helm install stable/traefik --name traefik --namespace traefik --set dashboard.enabled=true,serviceType=NodePort,,rbac.enabled=true,ssl.enabled=true,ssl.enforced=true --set-file ssl.defaultKey=tls.key.base64 --set-file ssl.defaultCert=tls.crt.base64

tls.key.base64 and tls.crt.base64 were files containing the TLS certificate that I obtained from Let's Encrypt, and which I base64 encoded.

Now the Let's Encrypt certificate has expired, so I used certbot to create a new one.

To update the certificate in traefik, I did the following:

  1. Base64 encode new tls.key.base64 and tls.crt.base64 files.
  2. Get the values from helm: helm get values traefik > traefik-values.yml
  3. Modify the traefik-values.yml file, replace the defaultCert value with the contents of tls.crt.base64, and replace the defaultKey value with the contents of tls.key.base64.
  4. Update with: helm upgrade -f traefik-values.yml traefik stable/traefik
  5. Verify that certificate is in secret: kubectl -n traefik get secret traefik-default-cert -o yaml

When I access traefik via the web interface, it is still serving the old certificate.

Any idea what I must do to serve the new certificate?

Do I have to delete the traefik pod, or is there a way I can get traefik to re-read it's config somehow?