Helm 2.15 Upgrades not working

If anyone else is having issues with helm upgrades as of version 2.15, I'd like to leave my notes on the matter.

Helm as of version 2.15, when you use the --wait argument, will now wait for the Ingress object to be ready. src: https://github.com/helm/helm/releases/tag/v2.15.0

Notable Changes
--wait now waits for ingress hosts to become ready

Traefik previous to version 1.7 apparently didn't support updating the ingress status, resulting in an empty ingress status, thus, failing your helm upgrade if it contained an ingress object. Tiller just complains that the ingress is not ready (as this is now checked by helm: https://github.com/helm/helm/commit/1d95d8396bd57d26ce98a001526b495c0bb413a5#diff-d18c4d83690679deed0c84f55bf476bdR283)

In traefik 1.7, you should add the publishedService to your traefik configuration so it may be able to update the ingress object and effectively set it's status to ready, so helm doesn't fail.

    publishedService = "traefik/traefik"

traefik/traefik in publishedService is <namespace>/<traefik service name>

This would be in your configMap in kubernetes or values.yaml file:

    publishedService: "traefik/traefik"


The stable/traefik helm chart has supported the ingressEndpoint for more than 30 minor versions. In fact, it was implemented as soon as Traefik 1.7.0 was released (chart version 1.44).

Note that setting kubernetes.ingressEndpoint.publishedService in your values.yaml will enable that configuration in the proper fashion.

That's how I updated/fixed it.

Those that don't have that enabled (because it's defaulted to None), will get these errors. My post should serve as a guide to helping people with this particular issue.


Thanks for pointing it out for other users that may have the same issue!

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Thanks, I've added an example values.yaml piece for reference as well.

This might want to be enabled default since now helm is checking for the ingress status.

I have created: https://github.com/helm/charts/issues/18206
And a PR for it here: https://github.com/helm/charts/pull/18209

Github suggested I add: @ldez but it failed to let me assign him as a reviewer. Adding here for visibility.