Upgraded Traefik, and now K8s Ingress Controller isn't working

I installed Traefik 2 via Helm on my K8s cluster at home awhile ago... I don't remember the specific version. Today I ran a job that was apparently a little too resource intensive because it evicted the Traefik pods for OOM errors. Even after killing the large job, the Traefik pods didn't come back up on their own, so I uninstalled Traefik and then used Helm to install the latest version (2.9.10). In particular I used the following command to install it (where I substitued with my real IP):

helm upgrade --install traefik --set dashboard.enabled=true --set rbac.enabled=true --set="service.externalIPs={}" --set="additionalArguments={--api=true,--log.level=INFO,--providers.kubernetesingress.ingressclass=traefik-internal,--serversTransport.insecureSkipVerify=true}" traefik/traefik

However now Traefik is running but the Ingress Controller functionality doesn't seem to work. When I look at the Traefik dashboard under Services, I see api@internal, dashboard@internal, noop@internal, ping@internal, and prometheus@internal but nothing else. Previously I saw services that corresponded to each Ingress object I had defined. I can post the full YAML of any of my Ingress objects if desired, but suffice it to say that all of them have the kubernetes.io/ingress.class: traefik annotation defined.

Has something changed with the most recent version of Traefik? The helm upgrade --install command is identical to the one I used many months ago. But like I said, this time around the Ingress Controller part no longer seems to work.

I figured it out, thanks to StackOverflow. Someone pointed out that my helm install command included an additional arg: providers.kubernetesingress.ingressclass, which I had set to traefik-internal. I'm sure that was a thoughtless copy-pasta from somewhere else. But I just had to remove that argument to have the IngressController start picking up my Ingress objects.