Forwarding the request to the server based on dynamic URL

I'm running Jitsi Setup for video conferencing. Lets say I have deployed two shards(two server) i.e shard-1 and shard-2. I have started a meeting on shard-1 with a URL( which is dynamic in nature(myroom1 is dynamic here and can be anything i.e. string or digits). Now if a second participant joins the meeting(on myroom1) then the participant should be redirected to shard1.

If someone else started a new meeting with a URL ( on shard-2 then participants that going to join myroom2 shoud be redirected to shard-2.

Few questions:

  1. Is it possible for Traefik to handle these types of dynamic request and make a decision dynamically based on the URL?
  2. HaProxy uses stick-table for storing all these info. Any similar functionality available in Traefik?
  3. Can I attach a Database to traefik to store all these URL and forward the request to server based on these URL?