Forwarding a subdomain to folder

Hello everyone! I might need some assistance, ideas regarding traefik and the dynamic.yml What do i want to do? "" shall be forwarded through authelia to Im using the following configuration and i get error 404.
Does anyone have any idea, what might be wrong? Thanks in advance for any help!

Remove the PathPrefix on your router rule.

Already tried :confused: if i do so, im getting forwarded to without /SOGo, seems like it ignores the path in the url.

Traefik will probably ignore the path in target URL. Use addPrefix middleware instead. (Doc)

Im already using Authelia as middleware, what to do now?

You can use multiple middlewares on the same router.

Yeah i tried that. It forwards, yes...but now the SoGo Page doesnt work. Im getting a non javascript view.

Yes. That’s because web apps usually return absolute paths for scripts, images and redirects.

Web apps are best used with sub-domains. They can only be used with a PathPrefix when they enable setting some kind of "base URL“.

Yeah but if i forward to add add /SOGo manually, everything works fine. so what to do now? how to create a subdomain that points to /SOGo? thats actually what i wanted to do

What’s the URL you call, what’s the URL not working?

My domain is :
the subdomain for the SoGo webmail shall be
the ip + path for the webmail is
if i forward without any prefix addition , that means ->, that works fine. by adding /SOGo in the addressline i am getting the SOGo app.
if i add the /SOGo via add prefix via middleware that doesnt work

or am i getting your answer wrong?