Forward all traffic sent to certain host

I have what I thought was a very simple task , but seem to be unable to find the config needed to implement it :wink:

I want to have a static config that forwards all UDP and TCP traffic sent to host onwards to ip 10.0.0,1

I know that I need a router, but can't come up with the appropriate setup for UDP.TCP and would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks :wink:

Check TCP router and UDP router, it should explain it all.

For each you need an entrypoint in static config and a router and service in dynamic configuration. Use provider.file in static conf to load dynamic conf file.

thanks for the pointers - but we can't still make head or tail on how to get this working

any tcp or udp traffic sent to host should be forwarded to ip
All other traffic to be processed by other routers.

Just can't figure it out :frowning: