Failed to upgrade traefik helm chart because of Horizontal pod autoscaler issue

current traefik version is 2.5.3 which i have installed using chart 10.6.0 (traefik 10.6.0 · traefik/traefik)
Now I want to upgrade my chart to some higher versions. But here, I am facing issue with hpa.
eks version is 1.25
I see below error

no matches for kind "HorizontalPodAutoscaler" in version "autoscaling/v2beta1"

When I do kubectl api-versions | grep autoscaling

autoscaling/v1 autoscaling/v2 autoscaling/v2beta2

Please suggest some thing for this.
I know the chart is trying to fetch apiVersion: autoscaling/v2beta1 , but couldn’t as it’s not available in the api-versions. (
When i look at higher version, like 12.0.0, i see a different HPA (
But how can i upgrade from 10.6.0 to 12.0.0.

NOTE: I am able to install new traefik chart of higher version, but couldn't upgrade the existing one to higher.