Upgrade from helm chart v10.20.1 to 23.1.0

We are trying to upgrade helm chart from v10.20.1 to v23.1.0 and image from 2.7.0 to 2.10.1 in k8s v1.25.6 with zero downtime.

##[error]Error: UPGRADE FAILED: cannot patch "pri-traefik" with kind Deployment: Deployment.apps "pri-traefik" is invalid: spec.selector: Invalid value: v1.LabelSelector{MatchLabels:map[string]string{"app.kubernetes.io/instance":"pri-traefik-pri-traefik", "app.kubernetes.io/name":"traefik"}, MatchExpressions:[]v1.LabelSelectorRequirement(nil)}: field is immutable

But I think this is a breaking change, may I know a way where we can upgrade with zero downtime as we are using this in production environment.