Exposing traefik dashboard with traefik

Hi, I am trying to get the traefik dashboard exposed @ traefik.my.tld.
I found various tips, also in the official documentation. but nothing worked for me.
I already tried it without api.insecure and the path rewrites. this is now my try with it.
Strange thing is: In the output I see nowhere that its even trying to get a certi for traefik.my.tld.
The whoami service is working and is getting an cert request!

(as new user I am not allowed to put the files here directly, so I put them here: traefik dahsboard publish (github.com)

For exposing the Traefik Dashboard at https://example.com/dashboard/ look at the simple Traefik example. You can not move it to a different path, as /dashboard/ is hard-coded in the GUI, so all links within the GUI will go to /dashboard/*.

thanks! that did the trick!
I see you are already using traefikv3. is it already "safe" to use?

Not sure, in production we still use v2.

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