Exposing the traefik dashboard in k3d/k3s

I am attempting to persistently expose the traefik dashboard using configuration from a k3d/k3s cluster.

With the latest k3d/k3s, it installs traefik v2 along with the dashboard enabled. I can successfully get to the dashboard when running: kubectl -n kube-system port-forward $(kubectl -n kube-system get pods --selector "app.kubernetes.io/name=traefik" --output=name) 9000:9000.

However, I cannot seem to expose the same dashboard using the "IngressRoute" configuration and I think this might be because of Klipper LB and/or my ignorance of all of the technologies being used.

Any thoughts? To replicate, install k3d and run a k3d create cluster ... and then attempt to expose the traefik dashboard through configuration rather than commands.

At first, I thought the dashboard might be disabled and that I needed to configure traefik, so I posted this question: kubernetes - Where did the k3d traefik configmap go? - Stack Overflow

Traefik service of LoadBalancer type doesnt expose default port for dashboard entrypoint 9000.
Also load balancer created by k3d (nginx container) doesnt know anything about port 9000

There is 2 options I see

  1. Fix nginx container and trafik service to both expose port 9000
  2. Make traefik dashboard to be exposed on web / websecure entrypointa so you can use common http / https ports

You would experience the similar issue installing traefik in AWS EKS for example, since no load balancers aware of Trawfik internal 9000 port where dashboard is exposed.