Embedding plugins beforehand to avoid on-startup compiling

I like the idea of Traefik plugins, but I'm not sure that downloading dependencies and compiling plugins on every Traefik startup is a good idea.

Are there any way to embed plugins beforehand, so Traefik will download and compile nothing on a startup.

I know there is always a way to fork traefik repo and add whatever you want but I want to avoid it if possible.


the plugins are not compiled by Traefik but interpreted.

The "external" plugins allow the plugin to have an independent lifecycle (versions)

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the plugins are not compiled by Traefik but interpreted.

oh, got it

I try to make a ready-to-use bundle (Docker image) of Traefik and my private plugins. A there any way to download plugins` dependencies beforehand (e.g. go getting them while docker build)?

yes with the local mode: GitHub - traefik/plugindemo: This repository includes an example plugin, for you to use as a reference for developing your own plugins.


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