ECS - Traefik - service discovery - service readiness - service availability


we are using traefik as a proxy behind a ALB, Its routing fine and its all good.

the issue i am having is that the service discovery ( the ecs provider ) is adding services before they are ready into the load balancer i have used the health check to check once it's ready but it's not really doing its job.

just wondering how everyone else has attacked this problem ( yes i probably should be using k8s) hehe


Do you use ECS Fargate or classic ECS with instances ?

I doesn't seems to have this kind of problem with Fargate, but maybe it's linked to the fact that I have tested it out with simple app.

Have you tried to up a bit the number of seconds for the refreshSeconds fields in your provider configuration.

Could you share an example of one of your task with health checks ?

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