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First time to community Thank you

I am trying to figure out what method to use to have the base url go to a path that is two deep but not affect other functions /paths of the domain

Found 301 redirect to “main” domain but this is for docker using lables.

I'm using file provider to go to a non-docker host

I used to use this in nginx proxy manager and under the advance tab of a host used this

location = /{return 301 $scheme://$http_host/path1/path2/;}

I have got one path to work using

        prefix: "/path1"
        prefix: "/path1/path2"

but this seems to affect other parts of the site and not working as intended.

What would be the best approach?


Share your full Traefik static and dynamic config, and docker-compose.yml if used.

Note that placing a web app under a path (or removing a path) usually just works for APIs with single requests, not for GUI web apps with links, scripts and images.