Docker services behind VPN and Traefik


I want to run a torrent client behind VPN and Traefik using docker.
I currently have this working by using the haugene/docker-transmission-openvpn image.

However, I don't really like that the VPN client is bundled in the torrent image, since I like the customizability of having things separated. E.g. I would like to instead use the Deluge image for torrent, and in the future I would probably switch to WireGuard for the VPN.

Here is a pastebin of my docker-compose file. In it I have docker-transmission-openvpn running correctly behind Traefik AND I have Deluge running behind an OpenVPN client image using network mode.

I have forwarded deluges web interface port on the OpenVPN image, which means that I can access it on my home network. However, I cannot seem to get it to run behind Traefik.

While this question in my case is about a torrent client, a solution would mean that you could run any docker service behind a VPN and Traefik.

I hope that someone can help with a solution.

Thank you