VPN server under traefik

I want to host a vpn server. The desired result is to connect to my vpn server and navigate in the internet using the ip of my server in order to get also content that are not avaible, depending on my position. The actual structure of my server is based on multiple docker containers. All of them are after a traefik container. My DNS provider is name.com, are there some issues related to my provider I saw that maybe docker-openvpn is suitable for my purpose. Is it possible to achieve the desired behaviour?
Are there more suitable alternatives than docker-openvpn?

I'm evaluating alternatives so, feel free to leave comments and advises

Personally I would not place a VPN behind a reverse proxy. You can just have the VPN use different ports than the default 80+443.

I think OpenVPN is seen as old-school, everyone is talking about WireGuard. We use wg-easy to setup and run WireGuard.

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thank you, I will look at wg-easy