Docker Consul Example in Documentation throwing error

I am following the docs at for pointers on how to setup consul as a keystore for traefik.

However, I can't get the example docker-compose file to work. When I call docker-compose up on the file containing the sample, the command line returns:

"ERROR: The Compose file './{filename}.yml' is invalid because:
volumes.consul-data.driver contains an invalid type, it should be a string"

The compose file is copied verbatim from the documentation.

Hello @ratchet5000,

In the documentation is says:

      driver: [not local]

Because you have to choose a driver that is not the local driver. What drivers are available depends on your platform and docker version:

Adding a driver name there gets me past the original error.

But after trying overlay2, vfs, and zfs, they all give me something like this error:

ERROR: Volume consul-data specifies nonexistent driver overlay2