DNS resolution for backends


I was wondering what the hold times are for DNS recoreds if you specify a DNS record as backend url (or service url in v2)?

It is hard to find any information on this from the documentation, might need an update to say that DNS backends are possible and how often the cache is refreshed (if ever).

Hello @aairey,

The standard go library does not cache DNS records for http request lookups, nor have we implemented any.

The downside is more load on your DNS infra, but most dynamic providers we wrote use IPs for backend requests, so no DNS lookups are required.

We have this specific case where we would want to use Traefik with a static backend configuration rather than using something we don't know yet (HAProxy 2.x).
So we would add DNS entries in there as a backend, the 8 IP's behind it are subject to change at any time.

Thanks for your answer!