Can Traefik update DNS records from my own Kubernetes cluster? (No Let's Encrypt)

Hi everyone,

One reason for me to use Traefik in my Kubernetes cluster I've built on VPS instances from a cloud provider was the ability of Traefik to update the DNS records of my domain name (hosted at OVH).
I read documentation pages about that from Traefik v1 doc but today I can't find them anymore, which is worrying me little bit...

Basically what I need is Traefik to update the DNS records in order to add/remove my worker IP addresses in order to avoid sending traffic to a node under maintenance or that have crashed.

Nowaday, searching about Traefik and OVH shows results about Let's Encrypt certificates which I'm not looking for as I'm having my own wildcard certificate for my domain name.

So is Traefik able to update DNS records when a node is joining or leaving the Kubernetes cluster?

Mmm, looking at this comment, I guess the answer is "No".

Anyone can please confirm?