Disable healthfilter for docker provider

Regarding https://github.com/containous/traefik/issues/5671

I have some docker containers with a healthcheck defined. Traefik does not pick those containers during start up because they are not healthy

reverse-proxy_1 | time="2019-10-16T12:45:49Z" level=debug msg="Filtering unhealthy or starting container"

Even though, they get healthy after some time.
Is it possible to disable this healthfilter like it is possible for the other providers?

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Any answer regarding this need

Hi @mohlendo and @ahmedfathy,
Thank you for your interest in Traefik.

There is an open PR on this topic: Don't ignore labels from unhealthy containers in docker provider by jvasseur · Pull Request #8690 · traefik/traefik · GitHub.
For now, it is in needs-design-review state, so it is not supported in our current versions.


I do appreciate your response, Thank you. I knew it may be unlogic to health checks-checks as these are essential to route traffic to healthy services, But there are some cases we need to override Traefik container's health checks.