Deploy Traefik WITHOUT cluster permissions

Hi there,
I'm new to Traefik and trying to deploy on our company's cluster, but I don't have cluster-wide permissions and I want to just watch my team's namespaces.
Is there any peaceful way?

You can still deploy without cluster-wide permissions. Assign a service account to the pods with the same permissions as the cluster and in your configuration define:

  namespaces = ["default", "production"]

To only namespaces you have permissions for. I have this working in v1.7 of Traefik, but haven't tried this with v2.0 yet. In v1.7 this looks like:

namespaces = ["your-namespace", ...]

Since v2.0 involves using CRDs (not sure yet if this is the only route), you may be blocked there (provided you don't have permissions to upload CRDs).

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Thank for your answer.
is it possible to use k8s ingress provider mode in version 2.0?
i am afraid it is not !
in documentation
there is sample to use ingress controller for dynamic config discovery
it seams this is deprecated doc:
use of backend, frontend terminology which seems to be deprecated in version 2.0
am i right?