Delete orphan services

Hi Team,

I have deployed some services and published them and later on the services in the Kubernetes were dropped when the pods went down, the published services are not connected to the backend services. How to delete these orphan services.

Can we make a post or curl call to the backend to be able to delete them.

Hi @Exnadella, we're aware of this issue and working on a fix which will be available soon (currently validating it internally).

In the meantime we can take care of removing the orphaned published services for you.

Hi Douglas,

Thanks for the update, you can remove them for me, I will be watch full to publish only necessary services.

I have one more requirement related to Aviatrix controller, I will raise this topic in a different blog.


Hi @douglasdtm Can you pls delete the orphan published services listed in the blog.

Hello again, the services are deleted. Let us know if you still see orphaned services or is having any other issue.