A agent became 'not found', and services belong to the agent still existed

I set up 2 agents, but one of my agent was lost (maybe due to the limits of free plan), there were some services published through this agent.

I deleted all 2 agents, and set up only1 new agent, now still can see 2 agents in my dashboard, weird,
and old services are still there, can't be deleted, could you please help clean these orphan services/agent, the agent id is 4bda405c-4df3-48b3-b95d-35bfaf69a69c


Hey there,

we investigated your case carefully. Let me explain what happened:

During our Beta period, we allowed beta testers to have three agents added to an account. In that timeframe, you used two agents. With Traefik Hub going GA, we lowered that quota in the freemium tier to one. With that change, also our "downgrade" mechanism got activated and removed your agent that was exceeding the quota.

Unfortunately, there is a small issue with that delete operation as it did not clean clusters completely, and thus, you still see some data which are supposed to be deleted.

We are already working on a bug fix to get data cleaned. I'm sorry for the inconvenience that might cause.

Thanks for your reply, looking forward to seeing bug being fixed
Traefik hub is great production.

Hello @vincentzou,

The bug should be fixed now: we have introduced a feature to delete every exposed service from the UI.