Debug Route Requests

I'm trying to debug a request to a mqtt broker hosted behind my Traefik proxy.

I have everything setup and working as I can connect via a desktop mqtt app (mqtt.fx), but when I try to connect via node-red I don't get any response from the server there are no logs in the broker (mosquitto) from the failed connect (as if it didn't get routed).

Note: node-red will connect to other brokers i.e.

The only log I can get from Traefik are;
when connecting with desktop app:

traefik          | time="2020-07-12T06:13:40Z" level=debug msg="Handling connection from x.x.x.x:7426"

and when connecting from node-red

traefik          | time="2020-07-12T06:14:15Z" level=debug msg="Serving default certificate for request: \"\""

Is there anyway to get more detail info on the request? where to I start looking to find the difference in the requests?


Wireshark may be? You will have to setup TLS decryption though in order to see anything useful.

Also: Access Logs

I don't see any activity for the tcp (mqtt) working and non-working connections in the access log.

I'll have at look at trying tls decryption with wireshark, thanks.

Oh, it's TCP! I did not realise that, I assumed https. If it's TCP depending on protocol, you might not even need decryption. And, yes Access Logs was also assuming http(s)

Just to close this out and after trying wireshark and decrypting tls/ssl and not finding anything, the problem came down to the docker image running noed-red could not resolve/find the let's encrypt certificate authority adding the full sni to the node-red config forced the image to find the correct CA. i.e:

image is the same sni that I have in my docker-compose labels for traefik - "traefik.tcp.routers.mosquitto-secure.rule=HostSNI(``)"

Thanks for the pointers, I now know a little bit more.