CVE vulnerability Traefik CVE-2022-29153

Hello @ldez
Recently i have raised a vulnerability [ CVE-2022-29153 ] that have been detected for traefik (v2.8.5) image by the vulnerability scanner.
Previous Ticket: CVE vulnerability for Image traefik:v2.8.5, CVE-2022-29153

This CVE related to consul not containerd [ CVE-2022-29153 | Vulnerability Database | Aqua Security ]

[ The web server receives a URL or similar request from an upstream component and retrieves the contents of this URL, but it does not sufficiently ensure that the request is being sent to the expected destination.]

Please help us to fix this vulnerability?

Hello, I already said, Traefik is not impacted by this CVE.

The CVE is about the Consul Server, we don't use it.

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