CVE vulnerability for Image traefik:v2.8.1 CVE-2022-2097, CVE-2022-23648 , CVE-2022-31030, CVE-2022-29153 & CVE-2022-24687

Hello Team,

Below vulnerabilities have been detected for traefik(v2.8.1) image by the vulnerability scanner.

Component: ibcrypto1.1,libssl1.1, ID: CVE-2022-2097, version: 1.1.1n-r0

Component: containerd (containerd), ID: CVE-2022-23648,CVE-2022-31030, version: v1.5.9

Component: containerd (containerd), ID: CVE-2022-29153, version: v1.10.4

Can someone please help us to fix above vulnerability? Is it applicable for traefik ingress controller or it's false-positive ?


Take a look here: Alpine Linux: CVE-2022-2097 · Issue #27 · traefik/traefik-library-image · GitHub

We are not affected by the containerd CVE