Certresolver login for 2 different instances on one hoster (different logins)

Hi i have following situation:
I have an instance on all-inkl (which works perfectly fine).
Now a friend of mine also has a all-inkl instance for which i host some sub-domains (using a new login from my friend).

Currently i need to generate a certificate manually and move it to traefik and load it dynamicly

    - certFile: /etc/traefik/certs/abc.example.com-crt.pem
      keyFile: /etc/traefik/certs/abc.example.com-key.pem

While my own is resolfed using environment variables and certificatesResolvers:

      email: admin@ownexample.com
      storage: /etc/traefik/acme.json
        provider: allinkl
        # Used to make sure the dns challenge is propagated to the rights dns servers
          - ""
          - ""

Is there a way to specify the needed environemnt variables inside a certificatesResolvers block?
In my case i would need: ALL_INKL_LOGIN and ALL_INKL_PASSWORD different for both instances.

If you host the sub-domains, then the DNS should point to your IP. You could simply use httpChallenge or tlsChallenge, then you don’t need additional credentials.