Certificate resolver storage convenience

When using a certificate resolver with let's encrypt, Traefik expects to have file (by default acme.json) configured with specific ownership and permissions.

In order for me to have it working I create an acme.json file like this :

touch acme.json
chown 65532 acme.json
chmod 600 acme.json

And then mount it from a volume into Traefik's container.

It works but in some cases I think it would be convenient if this file is already present and properly set in the docker image so that I do not have to use a volume.

What do you guys think ?

Storing data inside the container isn't a good practice and you should be aware that all data is lost by removing and recreating the container.

But if your use case requires doing that you can realize it by creating your own Dockerfile.


I know data is not persistent in containers.

I give you an example use case. I currently work in the context of a private cloud. I want to check Traefik is able to perform the acme challenge from there. So I use the acme staging server. I do not need to keep these certificates and it would be convenient for me if I do not have to care about a volume.

I know I can build a custom image. I was asking the question more in the perspective of a feature proposal if others are interested.

Use a volume. Its by far the easiest.

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I close this poll. Thank you both for your participation.

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