Method to store Letsencrypt certs off-container for plain Docker, not k8s

Hi, I'm new to traefik, but it seems the way to go for a number of different containerized tasks I'm working on.
As I experiment , I know my Letsencrypt cert's are not getting saved between Terraform applies. So, I think my TLS failures are often due to LE rate limits.
I'm not using k8s. I am using Digital Ocean droplets, so I also can't use a simple host volume as a place to persist the Letsencrypt cache.
Any ideas of the different ways to overcome this? (and to persist the LE certificates and state?)

I am looking into ways to persist disk/volumes between Terraform applys so my host-droplet disk doesn't disappear with each terraform-apply.
But, I am wondering if Traefik has something like Caddy's Storage providers to enable direct from Traefik cert storage to S3, Redis, Consul, these types of storage services.


Use a docker volume and find a volume driver/plugin that you can utilise.

Another method is to mount some storage and bind mount it in your container.

You will be relying on docker or the system to provide persistent storage.

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