Can traefik use aws certificate manager?

I'm testing traefik for use as a reverse proxy. I was able to get a "dummy" app up and running over port 80, but want to try over ssl next... but the only option I'm finding is mounting a cert folder.

Is there a way to point traefik at a aws certificate manager arn instead? Seems like it would be a much nicer model than maintaining certs manually. I kept trying to look deeper into the IngressRoute CRD to see if it could be defined, but kept coming up blank.

(more context, I'm using an AWS NLB to pass * directly to traefik, and Im assuming I can then use SNI and define the appropriate cert in the CRD)

Hi @Justin-DynamicD

Thank you for your interest in Traefik.

Currently, we don't have integration with AWS Certmanager. Alternatively, you can integrate Traefik with Cert-Manager. I think your solution should work correctly but honestly speaking I haven't tested that kind of stack, yet.
I will prepare that kind of test environment and give it a try - thanks for inspiring me :wink:


be interested in hearing how it goes for you.

Essentially by using layer 4 as the ingress I can use any cert I want on Traefik as a reverse proxy which should (in theory) be easy to configure. So all I need to do is annotate the service and let the aws-load-balancer setup the inbound and Traefik does the rest.

I've not used cert-manager before so I was trying to avoid over-engineering things if I could, but it sounds like that may be the path to take.