AWS Certificate Manager in Traefik

Hi Traefik Team,

I need to add AWS ACM Certificates in Traefik, but I am unable to see the certificate integration with services deployed in Traefik, in same EKS cluster. Could you Pls help me on this, I have an ARN(Amazon Resource Names) of the certificate.
Adding the configuration here.
Traefik version: 2.3.1


# Default values for Traefik

    - "--log.level=DEBUG"
    - "--providers.kubernetescrd"
    - "--entrypoints.websecure.http.tls=true"
    - "[0].main=MY_DOMAIN"
    - "[0].sans=*.MY_DOMAIN"

    annotations: "nlb" "<acm-cert-arn>" "tls" "443" "true" "true"
        externalTrafficPolicy: Local

I'm using the SSL termination in the NLB. What happens if you hit your URL: Do you get the default traefik certificate instead of a redirection to 443?