Can Traefik manage both protocols TCP & UDP on the same LB?


I want to use both TCP and UDP protocols on the same LB, trough Traefik. Is it possible?

Hi @wmariuss Thanks for your interest in Traefik!

Do you mean you want to use Traefik as load-balancer or that you want to use something like MetalLB with Traefik?

Yes, Traefik as Load Balancer. Not with MetalLB. Using LB in the cloud.

Hi @wmariuss,
the general answer is yes. Traefik can handle TCP and UDP.

Just be aware that UDP "routers" at this time are pretty much only load-balancers in one form or another.

You can find more information in the docs:

I see. but using same Load Balancer? I mean can one Load Balancer server both protocols?