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I'm trying to use the traefik as UDP Load Balancer, I created the deployment, service, udp ingress route also created a UDP entry point but I keep receiving this error Error syncing load balancer: failed to ensure load balancer: failed to build load-balancer request: no health check port of protocol TCP found, and I don't know how should I fix this.

Hi @tothalex,
Thanks for your interest in Traefik.

It is actually hard to try to reproduce the issue. Could you provide us your configurations?

Hey @moutoum the issue was because of the platform, I used DigitalOcean. I moved on with AWS so what I did is that I deployed a kubernetes cluster to a EC2 instance with kops, but now I have a different issue Protocol UDP is not supported by LoadBalancer. This error is inside of the service/traefik-udp events. So my question is how can I fix this? Am I need to use nlb with traefik in order to get this done or how? Where can I even use the traefik-udp service if neither DigitalOcean nor AWS EC2 can't launch the service/traefik-udp.

I just simply installed the traefik with helm by enabling the udp within the values

      port: 3000
      expose: true
      exposedPort: 3000
      protocol: UDP

Hi @tothalex,

This error message comes from your kubernetes cloud provider.
It means that AWS doesn't support your LoadBalancer definition as I think you are using an ApplicationLoadBalancer which is L7. I think you are right by saying that you have to use a NetworkLoadBalancer. Luckily, kops supports this LoadBalancer mode since 1.19.
Could you please have a look at this?

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