Bypass Let's Encrypt for particular host

Hi All,

We have Traefik v1.7.12 set up with manual frontends/backends & certificates being generated via Let's Encrypt. All is working well.

We have one backend we would like to add that we need to generate it's own Let's Encrypt certificate (by HTTP unfortunately), which we can't get to work as Traefik intercepts all the requests.
I changing Traefik over to DNS challenge, but it still seems to intercept the HTTP challenges as well.

So, is there any way I can bypass Traefik's LE process just for a particular host?

Unfortunately with Traefik v1, that is not possible.

Traefik v1 is not configurable to ignore one host or to have multiple challenge types at once.

Traefik v2 will have much more configurability when it comes to LetsEncrypt.