ArvanCloud should be removed from providers list

I'm new to this community. I just started using traefik. When I started to configure my TLS/SSL I just happened to see arvancloud.As a Iranian I ask you a favor. If you know what happened in Iran last year please search for this company name and their role to filter and localize Iran network. for example this link:

And if you don't have any Idea about what happened search for Mahsa Amini.
I know this may sound strange and maybe not related to anyone or anything in traefik. But connecting to Internet simply become much harder and more expensive from last year. First part cause is goverment filtering the network.
So just imagine how much Iranian people hate this company which main role was creating a new generation/method for filtering Internet. Playing a puppet for goverment.
I would really like to know where should I send my message and whom should I inform cause already ArvanCloud is under santions of U.S.
So removing it from providers list is a right thing to do.