Letsencrypt change for Traefik

Hi everybody.
I have a little bit problem, I hope I can write my problem and you understand it because my english ins’t perfect :grinning:
I have a DIY NAS what it’s running OMV 5 and I used to Portrainer in my docker containers.
I bought a domain(namecheap) what end is “choicedomainname.com” and I add for a FREE Cloudflare account.
I used to some containers : nextcloud, tranmission, pihole, netdata
I’m running a Linuxserver containers, and I use to a letsencrypt(Linuxserver) container and resever proxy method (sudomain conf file) and I accessed my containers the internet for exapmle: nextcloud.choicedomainname.com, tranimssion.choicedomainname.com, etc, etc
My router used to a port fowarding the letsencrypt container and I use this port: 80:90 and 443:450
In Cloudflare used to root domain, and cname domain and TXT items a DNS only mode/type
I 'm running a container of DNs updeter : ddlcient (linuxserver/ddclient)
Cloudflare setting :
SSL/TLS = flexible
Always us HTTPS : on
Minimum TLS: 1.2
TLS 1.3:ON
automatic HTTP rewrite: on
Opportunistic Encrypt: ON

This settings used to 3-4 mounths ago, but I want to change other solution: Traefik or Proxy Manager

Traefik :I read and I can doi it this review

I read this review and I change my settings:

  • DNS/TLS: FULL (but i’m working a Flexible that is my default choice)
  • All CNAME and root domain change DNS Only to Proxied
  • My router chenged the ports: 80:80 and 443:443 ( IP was my NAS IP)
  • I installed the traefik and my container add this label-s other container what is this review
  • I installed the DNS updater conrainer : oznu/cloudflare-ddns:

My solution:

  • this site (nextcloud, tranmission, pihole) is available or Error 521,522 error.
  • I’m wainting for a 1-2 hour but this problem wasn’t resolve.

Can you help me?

521 and 522 are Cloudflare codes. I suggest switching off proxying in Cloudflare until you resolve the issues with your setup. Also for traefik releated issues enable debug log and inspect it for clues.

Thank you.
I will try today or tomorrow and I will see the Traefik logs.