Annotation for Ingresses to prevent traefik CertResolver from issuing a TLS certificate?

I use external-dns for TLS certificates in my cluster, and I'd like to annotate my Ingresses such that traefik doesn't try to issue a certificate. Currently I had to disable the traefik CertResolver (ACME dns01 in my case) to do this. But I'd still like to have it enabled so it can fulfill IngressRoutes, which external-dns cannot monitor at this time.

Is there a way to do this?

I realize I could disable the kubernetesIngress provider in traefik, and use ingress-nginx for my Ingresses, and only use traefik for IngressRoutes (which make a kind of sense, since that's where the power of traefik comes in), and enable a CertResolver, but I'd like to see if the annotation way is possible. thanks